E-commerce Ben Frisbee 29 September 2023
EC Group: helping you deliver on your promises
EC group offers specialised logistic solutions for e-commerce fulfilment

We provide fulfilment solutions that are designed to help online businesses achieve a 5-star rating. With our experience in picking, packing, and shipping processes, we can give E-commerce businesses a competitive advantage while delivering value to their customers. We can assist you in designing systems to keep track of gifts and bundled items, as well as using branded packaging to enhance your visibility.

Reliable Picking & Packing

Hugely experienced and reliable picking and packing service, minimising errors and ensuring accurate dispatch of products.

International Shipping

Our logistics experts specialise in international shipping and can help you broaden your customer base worldwide.

Easy Returns Service

We offer a hassle-free and user-friendly returns service that aims to satisfy our customers and build affinity with your brand.



parcels successfully delivered every year

Our commitment to excellence in order fulfilment ensures that every order is processed and packed with precision, contributing to the successful delivery of 650K+ consignments every year.
EC Group warehouse fulfilment centre
An EC Group employee assess their E-Commerce stock
Reduce costs and deliver more
E-commerce logistics designed to fulfil your needs

We’ve partnered with various e-commerce businesses to help them design a pick, pack, and ship process that meets their business demands and impresses their customers. Our flexible approach allows us to adapt our fulfilment solution to your business model. We design tailored logistic solutions to provide consistent, timely, and customer-friendly processes.

Our Ecommerce Consultancy Process
A flexible approach to e-commerce tailored to your business model

We’ll listen to what logistics support you need and offer solutions outlining the pros and cons.


Working with you, we’ll design a plan your customers will love and will help your business grow.


The plan will be implemented and integrated into our automated system to keep you up to date.


We monitor the process, keeping track of time, accuracy, and customer satisfaction to see where we can improve.

An image of an EC Group employee working with stock held in their Essex Warehouse
The reasons e-commerce businesses use us for fulfilment services
Flexible Design

Flexibility is at the heart of our service. We tailor our processes to fit your business model and offer both anonymous and branded packaging options to meet your needs.

Empowering e-commerce businesses, our capabilities extend to providing diverse services such as monthly care packages, subscription boxes, gift offers, promotional leaflets, and discount codes. Additionally, we excel in assembling various components into a single item, while our software enables efficient inventory monitoring, demand prediction for interval orders, and timely updates to manage store sales and meet customer expectations..

Geared for Growth

We want to support your growth as a business. By outsourcing your e-commerce fulfilment, you can concentrate on more important matters. Depending on your requirements we can use branded packaging, and enclose packaging material, to drive awareness of your company. We design our pick, pack, and ship process to offer your customers an excellent experience – giving them a compelling reason to buy again.

The EC Group – empowering
you to deliver more