Platform Integration

Platform Integration Ben Frisbee 3 October 2023
EC Group use flexible and customisable tools that seamlessly integrate with your platforms

EC Group can integrate with your B2C online store to create a seamless fulfilment solution. Our fully functional apps work perfectly in tangent with shopfronts hosted on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and many more bespoke B2C web shop platforms! 

B2B Functionality

Custom B2B-type functionality allows for a secure login to provide online order processing and real-time access to stock information & online reporting

Tailored to you

Flexible, custom tailoring of our integration strategies allow for the most streamlined processes for your business - enhancing your efficiency across the year

Taking out the middle-man

Integrating EC Group into your existing online, platform led setup allows for faster, more streamlined fulfilment. Working smarter, not harder

Constantly onboarding new brands, and aiding their evolution through our experienced insights
EC Group Warehouse packaging and managed goods
EC Group Fulfilment centre scale - custom warehousing solutions
Decades of experience in fulfilment, across a wide-array of goods

Our long, illustrious history provides us with deep experience of product fulfilment. We’re here to help with all logistical, practical, and organisational support that comes with fulfilling your goods.

How our Platform Integration can suit you
Swift Expansion

Allows for quick, drastic expansion of your business capacity by outsourcing manual work to our large network of staff - previously impossible for small scale businesses!

Rapid Response

Incorporating EC Group into your day-to-day platform offers the opportunity for direct, immediate communication with many members of the team, in addition to your personal account manager.

Seamless Communication

EC Group's app alerts our dedicated teams to the work required based on the client's criteria - integrating with our online portal allows for manual order updates as well as automatic orders registering as they are made!

Inventory Management

Storing all relevant inventory and stock information online allows for up-to-date, accurate data to be produced regarding your goods at any time.

EC Group Documents in a managed warehouse
We are the experts in product and goods fulfilment
Experienced, trained workforce

Our staff are experienced across the logsitical, operational and fulfilment sectors, providing the opportunity to support businesses in more ways than one.

The trusted name in fulfilment

With over two centuries of experience in the field, we pride ourselves on being the most experienced, knowledgable, and hard-working fulfilment company in the UK.

We integrate with many of the biggest e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Big Commerce, and many more

This depends on the customer’s requirements – get in touch to find out more

This depends on the customer’s requirements – get in touch to find out more

This depends on the customer’s requirements – get in touch to find out more

Yes, ECG offers an online portal to enable our customers to entre manual orders into our system. This is dependent on the customer, as we adapt to our clients’ needs

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