Kit Collation and Pack Assembly

Kit Collation and Pack Assembly Jordan Dennison 15 February 2024
The EC Group Packing line collate kits for clients
A customer-led assembly process to help grow your business.

Our kit collation and pack assembly service is designed to meet the unique needs of our customers, offering a flexible and tailored service for your requirements. You can send us the items you need to package, and we will assemble them according to your instructions – from there, we can dispatch directly to customers, or store them until suitable for you.

We handle a large volume of orders every month and can assist you with projects of any size via our streamlined process. We can also help eCommerce businesses with various tasks such as promotional offers, re-working products, kitting, sending out product samples, and building subscription boxes.

Our services are cost-effective and allow you to provide excellent value to your customers, with faster delivery times.

Faster Shipping Times

Pre-assembled packs quicken the order fulfilment process and an enable faster despatches.

Ship with Marketing Literature

Great for providing discounts on future purchases, or to incentivise repeat business.

Lower costs

Saves money on pick and pack times.

Quality Control

Reliable and highly experience team, collating and delivering packs with a very high level of accuracy.

Kitting and assembly services to help you deliver value.
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Source and Receive Goods

You can either choose to have your items shipped directly to us or we can assist you in sourcing them. With our close partnerships with merchandising and printing companies, we can help you find the perfect product. Once your goods arrive, our “Inventory Manager” system ensures that you always have visibility and complete control over your stock.

EC Group custom packaging solutions
Kit Collation & Assembly

After receiving the components of your kits, they will be uncased into individual items and assembled into complete kits. We provide custom-built kits to represent your brand and wow your customers.

Assembly is a bulk process where we pack your goods together, ready for dispatch. This process is done as a batch to provide precise stock levels on your assembled items to reduce labour costs and guarantee a high-quality build. 

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Store and Send

After your items are assembled, they are stored in our warehouse, ready for dispatch. Having your completed packs waiting and ready to go improves shipping times. This offers your customers a better shopping experience and more reason to give you that 5* review.

We provide a personalised kit collation and pack assembly - helping to impress your customers with expertly assembled products expertly assembled packaging

Our kitting and assembly processes are designed to give your business the flexibility to offer your customers great value.

We can help you design a kitting process for product samples to impress prospective customers, include promotional leaflets that offer discounts to encourage repeat business, and create subscription boxes that leave customers wanting more.

Our highly trained packing operatives give your product a high-quality finish. We have strict quality-assured guidelines in place to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our kitting and assembly solutions empower you to deliver a better customer experience.

  • Automatic inventory updates to keep you aware of stock receipts from manufacturers advise on any delays or damaged stock. For a hassle-free process, you control.
  • Incorporate your branded material into the kitting process to maximise awareness and give your customers a seamless experience.
  • Flexible kit and assembly service designed to offer your customers great value.
  • Batch processing assembly processes to provide your customers with high-quality products at a reduced cost.
  • Pre-kitted and assembled items enable faster dispatch times.


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