The Folio Society Jordan Dennison 18 April 2024

The Folio Society

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25th April 2024


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Book Publishing

Founded in 1947, The Folio Society is one of the UK’s leading independent book publishers. Owned by their employees, and based in London’s vibrant Shad Thames, they place an emphasis on crafting exquisite, illustrated editions for book lovers of all ages.

The Folio Society emphasise that their work is focused toward ‘books that have changed the world, books that have entertained us, books that blow our minds’, and are regularly released modern-day re-publications and editions of classically heralded novels.

An EC Group employee handles The Folio Society's packaged goods

We were tasked with providing a cost-effective fulfilment service that allows The Folio Society to reduce their operating costs, providing flexibility to scale in line with business requirements, and maintaining exceptional customer service to a worldwide group of discerning book lovers.

In deployment, this results in EC Group establishing a bespoke physical picking and packing process, enabling us to retain picked orders in a prescribed sequence to facilitate efficient line-picking. Additional operational tasks involved the transferring of order data from Folio’s system to our own, and the production of bespoke advice notes, electronic invoice production and transmission, and seamless management of all required carrier services.