Escentric Molecules Jordan Dennison 18 April 2024

Escentric Molecules

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25th April 2024


E-Commerce Support



Escentric Molecules - Master Perfumers

Crafting some of the finest fragrances on the market, Escentric Molecules are pioneers of modern-day perfumery. Their curation of gorgeous, memorable scents stems from the development of Ise E Super, a fragrant molecule independently fabricated in their laboratory and used across their range of perfumes.

Working in partnership since 2017, EC Group are able to assist with their work in the E-Commerce market, aiding their product fulfilment and dispatch of over 20,000 orders annually, across the UK and mainland Europe.

Packaged Escentric Molecules giftsets, stacked together courtesy of EC Group

EC Group’s work with Escentric is based largely within the management and support of their E-Commerce sector. 

Integrated into the functionality of their B2C shopfront (Shopify), EC Group are able to perform the required packing, fulfilment, and dispatch of customer purchases within seconds of the order being placed. Tailoring each service to our client’s needs, we uniquely gift wrap each individual order for their end customers, including relevant shred, tissue paper, ribbons, and personalised gift messages – furthermore, we’re able to offer next working day delivery for all UK orders.

Additionally, we assist with supporting the logistical side of their operations, providing a trained workforce equipped to cover their Customer Service, Returns Management, and Supply Chain Management.