Avoid These Five Common Warehousing Mistakes Jordan Dennison 7 February 2023

Avoid These Five Common Warehousing Mistakes

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Supply chain and warehouse management take know-how and strict organisation. Mistakes can be costly and whilst it is true to say no two warehouses are exactly alike, there are some common mistakes that should be avoided.

Identifying signs that your warehouse isn’t optimised and performing regular checks can protect against unnecessary costs. With continued pricing pressure as well as volume spikes – it can be all too easy for errors to creep in.

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Warehousing Expertise

Everything from an efficient warehouse management system to proper processes and training is essential to maintain effective and successful warehouse management. Your customers demand the best service on a daily basis. A business is rarely successful with the support of an inefficient warehouse.

EC Group provides agile fulfilment, handling and delivery solutions – ensuring you keep your promises and meet your deadlines. With over two million cubic feet of secure storage space, we can handle around 15,000 pallets and 12,000 SKUs – providing rapid access for day-to-day fulfilment and retrieval. Our 24-hour warehouse operation works to robust ISO 9001:2015 standards. We ensure all stock is correctly located and rotated and that audit trails are available for comprehensive tracking and reporting. For more information, visit here.

Our expertise encompasses a wide variety of activities and collateral, from the ongoing fulfilment of high value and fragile items through to handling large scale point-of-sale distributions. Scale your business to meet evolving demands with confidence and enjoy the benefits of a tailored, personal service delivered by industry specialists.

For advice on how we can support your operation, please get in touch with one of our experienced account managers – you can Contact Us here!