Elevate Your E-Commerce Brand with Subscription Boxes Jordan Dennison 11 June 2024

Elevate Your E-Commerce Brand with Subscription Boxes

An EC Group employee places together a subscription box for a client

Elevate Your Brand with Branded Subscription Boxes: Enhancing Customer Experience in E-Commerce

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, where physical interaction is limited, the packaging of your brand’s tangible output plays a pivotal role in shaping customers’ perception of your brand. At EC Group, we understand the significance of first impressions, and strive to help e-commerce businesses stand out crafting high quality products that go beyond mere packaging.

Our deep, illustrious experience in the fulfilment sector has led us to working across a vast array of businesses – many seeking unique product types and collections to be fulfilled. One type of product experiencing a vast rise in popularity across the e-commerce sector, is that of the Subscription Box. Typically aimed towards brands producing a fortnightly or monthly output to their customers, subscription boxes are tailored towards providing a consistent in quality, but varied in output, service from a brand to a consumer.

One of the many strings to our bow, we’ve broken down the key steps to producing the perfect Subscription Box for your customers!

Why is the Packaging on Your Subscription Boxes Important?

Packaging serves as the initial touchpoint between your brand and the customer. In e-commerce, the unboxing experience is the closest a customer gets to physically interacting with your product. It is an opportunity to make a lasting impression and establish a strong brand identity.

Designing Subscription Boxes that Reflect Your Brand

Branded subscription boxes are more than just a vessel for your products; they are a canvas to express your brand’s values and ideals. When creating packaging, it’s crucial to ask, “What does it say about our brand?” Here are some design ideas to incorporate into your packaging that can reflect your brand’s core values:

A Feel-Good Texture:

Integrate a tactile experience into your subscription boxes. Utilise a smooth, satin-like finish for a touch of luxury, emboss logos or messages to emphasise style, or opt for rugged cardboard to convey practical and straightforward solutions.

Engaging Designs:

Design your subscription box packaging to elicit a “wow” factor. An engaging design not only stands out to customers but also captures the attention of influencers who may showcase your unique packaging to their followers.

Provide a Personal Touch:

Add personal flourishes to make the unboxing experience memorable. Print positive messages on the lid, include hidden messages within the box, or insert personalised notes or cards. These small details contribute to an exceptional and personal customer experience.

Why is Branded Packaging Important on Subscription Boxes?


Set You Apart from the Crowd:

Branded packaging gives your subscription boxes a distinctive feel, setting your brand apart from the competition. A visually appealing and creative design enhances visibility and attracts attention to your subscription service.

Boosts Your Brand’s Identity:

Design your subscription box to encapsulate the values of your business, creating a memorable experience for the recipient. This elevates your brand’s worth in their eyes and generates awareness whenever the box is seen.

Helps Your Online Marketing Strategy:

Eye-catching designs contribute to a solid online marketing strategy. Photographs of your products in attractive packaging enhance the perceived value, especially when shared by customers in unboxing videos or product reviews.

Provides a Special Customer Experience:

Branded packaging creates a unique selling proposition (USP) for your business. Personalised and distinctive packaging offers customers an exclusive experience that sets your store apart.

In collaboration with EC Group, we take pride in assembling subscription boxes by hand, incorporating branded packaging, and including personal touches like handwritten notes. By focusing on the aesthetics and personalisation of your subscription boxes, you enhance the customer experience and create a powerful marketing tool that can propel your brand to new heights. Elevate your brand with EC Group, where every subscription box becomes a testament to the values and uniqueness of your business.