The Benefits of Bespoke Storage, Packing and Distribution for Your Business Jordan Dennison 27 February 2023

The Benefits of Bespoke Storage, Packing and Distribution for Your Business

EC Group distribution office

Businesses do not (necessarily) outsource their storage, packing and distribution because it’s cheaper. They outsource because they require multi-channel order processing, flexible pick and pack capabilities, comprehensive product traceability or best value despatch methods. Basically, a solution that adds value to their operation and client base.

As your business grows, you require the agility and competence of a 3PL partner who is able to advise on where you can save money, streamline your supply chain and offer your customers the superior experience they crave.

EC Group data control

Fixed or Flexible?

A 3PL provider should, by definition, be able to adapt their operational procedures to your individual needs whilst upholding robust quality controls. Raw materials, completed units, geographical scope, sales – logistics deals with all of the above. Larger logistics suppliers can often shoehorn customers into a ‘best fit’ service as they lack the necessary agility and infrastructure to tailor a bespoke solution around individual clients. Too small, and you could forsake coverage and expertise. The age-old dilemma can frequently crop up, with customers feeling like their shipments and business are one of many. In 2020, businesses demand a truly flexible solution that is greener, better value and bolsters your capabilities and service offering.

Your individual operating plan has to be flexible in order to manage the swings in business activity. Time and service are business-critical and a defining factor of the customer experience.

  • Flexible storage allows for accurate stock control and rotation, returns management, product traceability, security and real-time stock visibility.
  • A flexible, responsive assembly, pick and pack operation is essential to meet your specific products’ handling/wrapping/packaging requirements. Piece, batch and zone picking can help to reduce pick/pack times, costs, reduce order turnaround time (and expense) and your carbon footprint.
  • Flexible distribution affords both your business and your customers the distribution methods, costs and options that you need to remain competitive. Same-day, JIT deliveries, international and national shipping, sensitive, timed and out of hours deliveries – a 3PL can offer bulk discounts, comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.
Friendly EC Group staff managing returns management

EC Group provides agile fulfilment, handling and delivery solutions – ensuring you keep your promises and meet your deadlines. Our operation is big enough to cope and small enough to care, offering flexibility together with experience and expertise you can rely upon.

With over two million cubic feet of secure storage space, we can handle around 15,000 pallets and 12,000 SKUs – providing rapid access for day-to-day fulfilment and retrieval. Our fulfilment centre works to robust ISO 9001, 14001 and 22301 standards. We ensure all stock is correctly located and rotated and that audit trails are available for comprehensive tracking and reporting.

Our expertise encompasses a wide variety of activities and collateral, from the ongoing fulfilment of high value and fragile items through to handling large scale point-of-sale distributions. Flexibly scale your business to meet evolving demands with confidence and enjoy the benefits of a tailored, personal service delivered by industry specialists.

For advice on how we can support your operation, please get in touch with one of our experienced account managers.