The Top 5 Signs to Switch Logistics Provider Jordan Dennison 30 January 2023

The Top 5 Signs to Switch Logistics Provider

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Whether you manage your own logistics operation or outsource it to a third party is immaterial to your highly valued customers. You are responsible for their experience and whoever does it must represent your company professionally and efficiently.

Operating a fluid logistics operation takes considerable know-how. It is easy to incur cost and heartache through inefficiencies or mistakes. Reviewing your operation regularly and knowing when it is time to switch provider can save you more than just money.

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When to Switch Logistics Provider

1. Increasing complexity and scale

Logistics is by definition complicated. Your requirements may evolve and you find that you need a more extensive range of services or scale of operation than your current provider can offer. If you are no longer playing to your provider’s strengths – or if you’re exposing their weaknesses – then you can expect problems and dissatisfied customers. EC Group are on hand to aid with scaling and structuring your business, visit here to read how we can help!

2. Service failures

If service levels dip, alarm bells should ring and you should take action. A few negative Trust Pilot (and others) reviews and your business will suffer. You may feel it’s a case of ‘better the devil you know’ but it’s your company’s reputation that’s at risk and you can’t afford to let things slide. Change has its risks. So does doing nothing!

3. Laborious IT

From order processing through to your service reports – logistics needs to be slick and efficient – and automated as far as possible. Tech advancement has driven many positive changes within the industry from import notifications to bespoke stock control. If your current provider is not automating your processes they will simply not be optimised.

4. Price

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for and it’s important to pay a fair price for the service you require. But if you’re not happy with the costs then maybe it’s time to look at alternatives.

An experienced provider will also know that assessing costs isn’t just about the rate card. There may be opportunities to save money through automation, consolidation, getting rid of redundant stock etc., but if your provider is un-willing to engage in discussions about managing costs then it’s time to look around. 

5. Communication issues

Your logistics partner should act as an extension of your business and it’s crucial that you work together efficiently and effectively. Part of that partnership is having a proactive account manager who can keep you up to date with developments – both on day-to-day activity and more strategically on service enhancements, technological developments etc. Your account manager should be readily available when required and fully aligned with your objectives. A constructive and open dialogue will build trust and confidence, both of which are essential for the relationship to work well.

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